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Make Money -> Write Articles!

Would you like to make an informative Guest Post or publish a survey free of charge with us? We welcome your input.

We happily welcome your guest contributions, through the formula provided (which you will find at the end of this page). To ensure that we maintain a high standard of publishing, articles will be reviewed by us before publication.
However, we must emphasize that the responsibility for the contents of an article remains nevertheless that of its author

Possible Categories include:

  • Politics 
  • Economy 
  • Society 
  • Media 
  • Culture 
  • Polls 
Structures | Processes | Players | Decisions| ... 
Economy| Consumers | Financial Markets | Commerce | International | ...
Education | Family | Environment | Automobile | Sport | Travel | ...
Print Media | TV Panel Discussions | Radio | Internet | ...
Literature| Film & TV | Music | Art | ...
Political Polls | Market Research | Current Social Issues | ...

We would like to point out that we exclude from publication all articles of a sexist, illegal, racist, anti-democratic, libelous or defamatory nature. We gladly offer the opportunity for you to introduce yourself within the framework of a guest contribution. The author’s name (and other information provided) will appear at the end of the article. A link to your website or blog (NoFollow) can also appear at the end of the article, if desired. Your name, telephone number as well as your address must be submitted with the article. Your telephone number and address will be kept private from publication unless otherwise desired.

Please send us your guest submission by means of the formula (Dateiformat: .doc / .pdf) at the end of this page. Your text should:

  • have a descriptive title
  • should be broken up by subheadings
  • where possible be loosened up with bullet points, quotes, hints and tips, etc
  • contain at least one picture (to which you own the rights). Videos are also possible.
  • must be at least 500 words long
  • in each article up to two Nofollow-Links are permitted.
If your Guest Contribution meets these requirements, your article will be published under your name in the corresponding category..

Furthermore, your Guest Contribution must meet the following conditions:

  • Guest Contributions with promotional intent will be deleted without a reply. The text may not contain any self-promotion of projects, websites or products.
  • The responsibility for the contents of the published article remains with the author thereof.
  • Pictures and articles submitted may not violate any copyrights. You must own the appropriate publishing rights
  • Exclusive use and publication rights for your submitted pictures and articles are automatically transferred to us.
  • You declare that your submitted guest contribution has not been published in any other print or online medium. Also in future the article may not be published on any other platform.
  • If you have provided us with a picture or pictures, you are liable for all future legal consequences.
  • By sending your article to us you hereby guarantee that your article does not violate any prevailing legislation.
  • If in our opinion the guest contribution is not appropriate for our blog, we reserve the right not to publish the article.
  • You agree to the fact that on the page where the submitted article will be published, advertisements may appear.
  • You agree that the submitted article and pictures may at any time be shortened, amended or changed.
  • You agree that the article submitted to us may additionally be published on platforms like RSS listings, or social networks like Twitter or Facebook.
  • If we publish your guest contribution online, you promote your text and pictures also over personal social media channels (for example Twitter, Facebook) and/or by means of a newsletter.
  • Please have a little patience. Wait a few days before stopping by the website, to respond to commentary or questions.

If you have further questions, please contact us by means of this Form.

Should your submitted article be accepted and published, you will receive your own admin access to your author profile. This enables you in the future to publish further articles independently..

Opportunities to earn money with your contribution - with long term income potential

In contrast to other portals, with your-comment.com you can earn money if you want to, through advertising. At least half of the advertising revenue (share of the turnover) will be distributed to you. If the advertising in your contribution generates 1.00 Euro, you receive 0.50 Euro.


  • from 10 published contributions, you receive 55 %.
  • from a minimum of 20 contributions = 60 %
  • from a minimum of 30 contribution s= 65 %

The advertisments are generated by the Google-Adsense Program. All you have to do to benefit is enter your Adsense ID (submit this along with your article). How to obtain such an ID you can find here.

But there is more...

Moreover, you can recruit additional members for your-comment.com by means of your own Affiliate-ID, which you can receive from your-comment.com . For every recommendation you can earn money since your-comment.com involves you in the revenue of the recruited user, long term.

All payments are automatically, orderly and transparently executed. As author, you obtain a login access so that you can inform yourself about the current status. You can pay out amounts starting from 5 Euros. And this lasts for the lifetime of your article. As long as your articles are displayed on our site, all generated profits are paid out to you – for a lifetime!
Alternatively, or additionally further partner programs such as those of Amazon, Ebay or Affilinet are possible.

If you have further questions or if you require support, please contact us by means of this Form.

Generating Visitors – some tips

Reasonable profits can only be achieved if there are numerous visitors. Here are some tips to ensure this:

  • Your contribution should have high quality content (no one will read something that is not interesting)
  • Share on social media networks
  • Invite your friends and acquaintances
  • Call attention to your contribution on other websites or in forums
  • Encourage visitors to comment / keep the discussion going
  • Support your contribution by means of a survey /opinion poll ( you will find an example here)
  • Ask yourself the question: "Who will be interested in this contribution?" Aim for your target group!

Submitting Guest Post:

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